COVID Threatens Ramen Supply

COVID Threatens Ramen Supply

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Americans in a myriad of ways, some good, some bizarre and some frightening. Perhaps the most troubling is the impact on the food supply chain.

We’ve heard reports on meatpacking plants closing and farmers dumping milk because there’s no place to sell it, and now something as innocuous as ramen could be threatened as well. This past week there was a major COVID-19 outbreak in Virginia’s Maruchan ramen noodle factory where 7 of the company’s 420 workers tested positive for the virus. These workers are at home quarantining and the facility was thoroughly cleaned before production resumed.

Maruchan supplies 3.6 billion packages of ramen noodles each year, and 4 of its factories are located in the US.

As this crisis has developed, all kinds of products have seen shortages and rationing in stores, and price hikes are common. Everything’s been affected, from toilet paper to hand sanitizer to meat and fresh produce. Now, it appears something as simple as ramen could be added to that list.

As of May 17, the United States has over 1.5 million confirmed cases — just over 30 thousand of those are in Virginia.

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