Covidiot Hall of Fame: World Leader Makes Case for Induction

Covidiot Hall of Fame: World Leader Makes Case for Induction

( – Viruses are living organisms, though typically considered an unintelligent life form. A good rule of thumb is to think of them somewhat higher on the scale than the typical Congressional Liberal.

Proving that the bugs are no respecter of status or position, British Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson announced on Twitter that he’s tested positive for COVID-19.

Minutes later, Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, said he too has the illness. It didn’t take the media long to point out their Covidiot status, though not in those exact words.

At a March 3, 2020 press conference, the PM proudly stated he had visited a hospital and “shook hands with everybody,” violating just about every social distancing guideline there is. He proclaimed that it was perfectly okay to do so, as long as one washed their hands.

One might think the Minister of Health would have been more attuned to the warnings of agencies and doctors from around the world. And, one would be wrong. Mr. Hancock parroted the PM’s stance on the risk of handshakes and staving off the virus through the expedient washing of one’s hands.

This kind of stance could have a far greater impact on morale and public safety than a bunch of college kids hanging out at a beach for spring break. People around the globe look to their leaders to, well…lead.

While we don’t wish this virus on anyone, this is why these two should be inducted into the Covidiot Hall of Fame. Post haste.

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