CPAC 2022: Where Was Mike Pence?

CPAC 2022: Where Was Mike Pence?

( – When Mike Pence joined Donald Trump’s 2016 ticket, he was incredibly well-respected in the Republican Party. The former Indiana governor had a reputation for upholding conservative values. A year after leaving the White House, that’s no longer the case and for the second year in a row, he was a no-show at the biggest GOP event of the year.

The biggest names in right-leaning politics descended on Orlando over the last weekend of February to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Former Vice President Pence wasn’t one of them. It’s not entirely surprising he didn’t show up, as many of Trump’s supporters still view him as a traitor. They believe he could have stopped the 2020 election from being certified.

At the beginning of February, Pence spoke to the Federalist Society and accused Trump of being wrong when he said his former vice president could have overturned the results.

Trent Leisy, one of the Republicans to attend the event, said that he believes the former VP would have been booed had he been there. Shane Bouvet, another attendee, believes Pence should have advocated for Trump more than he did.

There are rumors Pence could run for president in 2024. Would you support the former vice president if he chooses to run?

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