Crypto Millionaire Found in Suitcase After Posting Chilling Messages

Crypto Millionaire Found in Suitcase After Posting Chilling Messages

( – Fernando Pérez Algaba’s Instagram account has more than 924,000 followers. The social media influencer often flaunted his wealth online, including photos of his luxury cars, clothes, and vacations. He allegedly made his money through Forex and cryptocurrency trading.

A group of children recently found the millionaire dead. Reports now say he was receiving threatening messages before he died.

Chilling Messages

On July 19, Algaba was supposed to return the keys for the property he was renting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He never showed up to turn them in. The owner of the apartment reported that his tenant had not returned the keys and wasn’t answering his phone.

A few days later, on Sunday, July 23, a group of children found a suitcase in a stream in Ingeniero Budge. When they opened it up, they found arms and legs inside. On Wednesday, police found his head and torso after a search. Law enforcement was able to identify the body parts as Algaba’s based on his tattoos.

An autopsy determined the social media star was shot to death. The cuts on his limbs were reportedly clean, pointing to someone with professional skills.

Threats Uncovered

In the months leading up to his death, Algaba had reportedly angered the Barra Bravas, a gang active in Argentina. The criminal organization allegedly ordered the influencer to pay them $40,000. Algaba then reportedly wrote a message on his phone saying, “If something happens to me, everyone is already warned.”

The victim also reportedly received a message from someone named “Iglesias,” who said he was going to kill him and torture him. Stating that he was going to “gouge out” the influencer’s eyes and cut his hands off so that he wouldn’t have any more money. The unknown person also said that he was okay with going to jail for the crime.

In another voicemail, the irate man reportedly said, “You have betrayed me […] I have a poison with you that I hate you.” Algaba was reportedly deeply in debt with Argentina’s tax agency. He allegedly owed Iglesias’ son $70,000, and he wanted his money back.

Another man named Adrian Tesei also left a message, telling the victim that he wasn’t threatening him, but he intended to rip his head off.

Sources reportedly said Algaba developed a gambling problem over the last few years. He left another note on his phone saying he’d lost a lot of money investing in crypto.

Rodolfo Pérez Algaba disputed claims that his brother was a scammer, as some have claimed. He also stated that he did not know if his sibling had any involvement with the gang. He said his brother was a car salesman who lost money in the crypto business.

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