Cuban Escapee Lays Democrats Agenda Bare

Cuban Escapee Lays Democrats Agenda Bare

( – The first night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) saw several speakers explaining to America some of the dangers the Democrats represent. None was more poignant than Maximo Alvarez, whose family escaped from the crushing Communist regime of Fidel Castro when he was 13 years old.

He told the tale of the promises he heard from the Cuban dictator as he was growing up, and the realities he lived — sometimes tearfully — and the bitter misery of those who had “swallowed the communist poison pill.” He warned his audience of the policies being put forth by the Liberals and their parallels to his native homeland, saying, “I see shadows I thought I had outrun.”

Conservatives who pay attention to what happened in the former Soviet Union, and what’s currently devastating Venezuela, have academic knowledge of that evil ideology, but Alvarez has first-hand experience with it. Hopefully, the words of this man who was scarred by the oppression he witnessed will stop people from reaching out for that same pill that destroyed Cuba.


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