Cuomo Frees Convicted Murderers in Final Hours as Governor

Cuomo Frees Convicted Murderers in Final Hours as Governor

( – On August 24, Kathy Hochul took over as the governor of New York State after Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace. However, before leaving Albany for the last time as governor, he issued commutations to five convicted murderers. One of the men who might go free is a cop killer with a very powerful, politically connected son.

Cuomo announced commutations for five convicted murderers:

  • Greg Mingo, 68, served over 39 years for four counts of murder.
  • Ulysses Boyd, 66, was in prison for 35 years for one count of murder.
  • Robert Ehrenberg, 62, served more than 28 years for two counts of murder.
  • Paul Clark, 59, spent 40 years in prison for three counts of murder.
  • David Gilbert, 76, served 40 years for three counts of murder.

Gilbert is the father of San Francisco Democratic District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Both the convicted murderer and his wife, Kathy Boudin, belonged to the domestic terrorist organization known as the Weather Underground. They both helped rob a Brink’s truck in 1981. Gilbert was the driver, and his wife was the lookout (she received a 20-year sentence). The robbery left one security guard and two police officers dead.

The Rockland County Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association has long opposed clemency attempts for the murders. Republican Assemblyman Michael Lawler slammed Cuomo’s decision.

The commutations follow 10 other orders of clemency the week before Cuomo left office. Gilbert won’t get out of prison right away; the pardon board will make the final decision. The other four murderers will be out soon.

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