D-Day Heroism: Has the Left Killed It?

Was D-Day the Death of Manliness?

It’s June 6, 1944. Allied forces rush into Nazi-occupied northern France. Between the beaches of Normandy and the French countryside, over 10,000 men are killed in the effort to beat back Hitler’s troops.
Still, the brutal and bloody day serves its purpose, turning the tide of the war for good.
Every year on D-Day, we honor the men who sacrificed everything to ensure the safety of the world. Perhaps only “The Greatest Generation” could achieve such a feat in the face of incredible oppression.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Prayer

A portion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s evening prayer on that fateful day captures the integrity and bravery shown by American soldiers.

“For these men are lately drawn from the ways of peace. They fight not for the lust of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight to liberate. They fight to let justice arise, and tolerance and goodwill among all Thy people. They yearn but for the end of battle, for their return to the haven of home.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

But what exactly happened that fateful day — and could the Left ever even hope to match the incredible heroism that took place?

A Timeline of Heroism


Gliders soared through the moonlight at 00:16. Their orders were to take control of two key bridges near Bénouville, France. Soldiers achieved this goal in a mere 10 minutes. Next, paratroopers took over Sainte Mere-Eglise for a strategic holding point to secure the invasion.


By 01:55, nearly 1,000 soldiers regrouped near the town and began their siege. The Nazis fell within just a few short hours.


Now, the stage was set. Allied warships pummeled the five landing beaches with artillery at 05:23. German batteries were the primary targets; most of them were destroyed.


06:30 marked the first landings at Normandy beach. US soldiers led the charge for the allied forces at Utah and Omaha. British and Canadians followed suit on beaches Juno, Gold and Sword an hour afterward.
Omaha was especially brutal. German machine guns still stood atop hills overlooking the beach. Many were secured in bunkers, making them nearly impossible to destroy before tanks made it past the shoreline.


By 11:30, Americans had taken the cliffs through sheer perseverance and bravery. The bulk pressed onward to liberate France from the Nazi regime. A vanguard stayed behind to secure reinforcements and address the wounded still lying on “Bloody Omaha.”

The Bloodiest Day

June 6, 1944, would forever be known as D-Day. It was a crucial turning point in the war spearheaded by American troops – simultaneously a great victory and a tragic burden on our forces. Yet, it was also a highlight of US military strength, and more crucially, the integrity of the American people.

The Lost Art of Manliness and Heroism

Fast-forward to today and take note of what you see. Could our current generation take on such a heroic endeavor?
Most people would unfortunately say no.
We’ve accomplished a great deal in our time, but few of those feats could compare to eliminating the pure evil of fascism off of the planet. Such oppressiveness should never take form again, but it’s difficult to hold a candle to what the WW2 Generation did.
Do you see the strength of that generation in the eyes of today’s millennials? It’s hard to believe that they, or the Left, could even hold a gun without being squeamish or dropping it out of fear let alone fight an evil enemy.
Leftist ideals have softened our country’s youth  — maybe past the point of repair. Maybe our greatest achievement was also our greatest loss: the loss of manliness and the “great American hero,” our soldiers.