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Hundreds Died During Construction of World Cup Complex

Official Amits Hundreds Died During Construction of World Cup Complex

(UnitedVoice.com) – To say FIFA made a controversial decision when it decided to award the 2022 World Cup hosting contract to Qatar would be an understatement. More than a decade ago, the body governing international soccer chose to allow the Middle Eastern nation to host it, and that choice almost toppled the organization. Allegations of fraud led to the prosecution of several individuals within FIFA.

Despite the controversy, FIFA allowed Qatar to remain as the host. The 2022 World Cup is now underway, and more allegations of wrongdoing are bubbling to the surface.

A Death Zone

In 2021, The Guardian published an article that claimed more than 6,500 immigrants had died in Qatar since the country won the contract to host the international games in 2010. It was a horrific revelation that shocked people across the globe. Yet, the article stated the number of deaths wasn’t just related to the actual construction of the facilities needed to host the World Cup; the report included the deaths from all causes, and many critics labeled the report misleading.

On November 28, British commentator Piers Morgan interviewed Hassan al-Thawadi, who serves as Qatar’s secretary-general of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. During their discussion, the television host asked al-Thawadi how many migrants lost their lives building the buildings, bridges, and other structures needed to host the 2022 World Cup.

The secretary-general said that 400 to 500 migrants died while constructing the games’ facilities. He added that only 40 of those deaths are currently attributed directly to the World Cup, but he admitted the number is much higher.

Al-Thawadi also told Morgan he doesn’t have an exact number of people who have lost their lives. He went on to say, “One death is a death too many. Plain and simple.” Still, he said the safety standards in the country are improving.

Other Controversies

The World Cup in Qatar is the first ever in the Middle East. Yet, critics have accused the country of carrying out a number of human rights abuses. In October, Human Rights Watch issued a report about the treatment of LGBTQ+ people, accusing the government of arresting community members. Gay people have also faced severe beatings in a country where homosexuality is illegal. Freedom House has rated the country “not free.”

In another shocking twist, an on-air journalist was recently robbed while dancing with other attendees, and police asked her what she wanted the punishment to be. She responded she simply wanted her wallet back, not to be in charge of punishments.

Do you think FIFA should have allowed Qatar to host the World Cup?

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