Dan Bongino Says Goodbye to Fox News

Dan Bongino Says Goodbye to Fox News

(UnitedVoice.com) – Republican Dan Bongino served as a cop with the New York Police Department for four years. In 1999, he left to work for the Secret Service, where he stayed until 2011. After a couple of failed political campaigns, a few books, time on the radio, and the launch of the website Bongino Report, he landed a job on Fox News in 2019, then his own show in 2021. Now, that has come to an end.

Fox News and Bongino are parting ways. The blunt-speaking conservative told his podcast audience that his departure from the network wasn’t the result of a “WWE brawl.” He explained the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement on the contract extension. His last show has already aired. He said he was given the opportunity to host one more show to say a proper goodbye to his audience, but he decided against doing that.

Bongino hosted “Unfiltered,” which aired on Saturday nights. He also had a show called “Canceled in the USA” on Fox Nation. The network has also decided to stop airing his radio show. The Associated Press reported Fox News also released a statement thanking the conservative for his “contributions” and “wish[ed] him success in his future endeavors.”

The conservative host clashed with the network in 2021 after the network edited out election misinformation from his interview with former President Donald Trump when it was uploaded to YouTube. After Conservatives took aim at Bongino for the edits, The Washington Post reported he promised to get to the bottom of what happened. Trump’s former attorney, Jenna Ellis, defended the host on Twitter.

The recent news about Bongino’s departure comes as Fox News announced a settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over claims by hosts that the company helped rig the 2020 election. The network will pay $787.5 million. Some speculated the host was fired because of the settlement, but an insider told Forbes the two were not related.

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