Dangerous Criminal Released – WITHOUT Bail!

Drug Dealer Busted With Thousands of Pills Released Without Bail

Drug Dealer Busted With Thousands of Pills Released Without Bail

(UnitedVoice.com) – New York’s bail reform measures ensure that income has no bearing on a person’s ability to get out of jail. By eliminating bail for about 90% of charges — including some non-violent felonies — the state reduced its prisoner population by more than a quarter. While the overall picture may seem rosy, dangerous people can slip through the cracks. One such case involves a man allegedly caught with thousands of potentially deadly narcotics in a popular Manhattan neighborhood.

On November 11, NYPD officers arrested 49-year-old Manuel Pagan and charged him with criminal possession of a controlled substance. Court records obtained by the New York Post show that Pagan, who hails from Washington Heights, had about “20,000 multi-colored M-30 fentanyl pills” when they brought him in.

Judge James Clyne, who made news last year for letting a man in the midst of a crime spree go without bail, let Pagan go as well. Recent updates to the 2019 reforms added first-degree criminal possession to the list of charges eligible for bail, but Clyne let him go anyway. Officials had asked for a $100,000 cash bail or a $250,000 bond.

Considering the crime warrants bail and prosecutors asked for it, why on earth would a judge let someone like that go?

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