Daycare Workers Dose Kids With 10x Legal Amount of Melatonin

Daycare Workers Dose Kids With 10x Legal Amount of Melatonin

Children Were Drugged – Look What Police Found!

( – Melatonin is the naturally-occurring sleep hormone found in the body. It’s also sold as a supplement to help people fall and stay asleep. Daycare workers are under fire for dosing the children in their care with the hormone.

In early May, police arrested four Tennessee daycare workers for overdosing children on melatonin to keep them asleep. Investigators charged Kristin Clark, 22; Jaime Clark, 45; and Jordan Darnell, 22, with neglect and child abuse after parents complained in March. Authorities charged another worker, Ethan Pulley, 21, with tampering with/fabricating evidence.

According to reports, the defendants gave 26 children at Mimi’s Daycare in Indian Mound melatonin supplements. Attorney Rocky McElhaney represents nine of the poisoned children. He revealed a whistleblower, who worked at the center for a day, said someone at the daycare asked her to give the kids 3 of the “10-milligram gummy bears with their lunch.” That’s more than 1.5 times the standard adult dose and up to 10 times higher than the legal dose for kids.

The daycare whistleblower didn’t do it and never went back to work at the center. The children varied in age from infants to 6-year-olds. The workers had allegedly been overdosing the children for at least two years. Stewart County Sheriff’s Detective Dana Saltkill said they couldn’t awaken some kids when their parents picked them up. That would cause the kids to stay up all night.

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