Dayton Shooter Killed Sister and More Bizarre Facts About the Weekend Shootings

A tragic string of mass shootings occurred all over the country this weekend. Each act of violence was a separate, disconnected incident, and the shooters held vastly different motives, but there’s more to each case than meets the eye. Today, we’ll unpack each situation and some of the other tragic oddities surrounding them.

Dayton, Ohio Shooting

A 24-year-old white man clad in body armor and a mask opened fire at a lively nightlife area in Dayton. He wielded a .223-caliber rifle ordered online from a business in Texas, using it to systematically take down nine people (including his own sister). Another 27 were wounded in the shooting.

Nearby police officers took him down within 30 seconds of the initial gunshots. A fast ending, yet still so much devastation.

The motive behind this shooting remains unclear, at least so far. The troubled young shooter put together a “hit list” consisting of various family members, friends and classmates over the years. He frequently spoke about death, murder, and the vivid details involved in those scenarios. People around him knew he was disturbed, and even the shooter himself was terrified of his own thoughts.

The Dayton shooter was an extremely disturbed young man. People in his life tried convincing him to receive therapeutic help many times throughout his life, but he refused. Ultimately, he gave into his deranged murderous urges.

El Paso, Texas Shooting

The El Paso shooter’s motives are better understood, but equally odd and disturbing. The local Walmart targeted by the shooter was at the mercy of a 21-year-old white male with an AK-style weapon. The event resulted in 22 casualties; another 24 were wounded. The suspect was arrested and the case is being treated as a domestic terrorism incident.

Motives underlying the El Paso shooting are clear: white supremacy. The shooter released a manifesto describing an “invasion of Texas” by immigrants among other hate-filled rhetoric. El Paso’s population is roughly 80 percent hispanic, which makes it a prime target for a hateful white supremacist.

That’s not the end of the story, though. An interview with a young woman and her family at the Walmart mentioned more than one potential shooter. She describes three armed men dressed in black who also opened fire on the crowd, but additional details of these individuals are hard to come by.

No Answers and Misdirection from the Left

Despite hatred and accusations of being pro-racism from the Left, President Trump is condemned racist hate during an early Monday speech.

What’s your take on these tragedies? Is our country lacking proper gun control? Are white nationalists to blame for these types of shootings, or is a mental health crisis to blame? If mental health is the problem, do we have enough therapeutic services available in America?

And lastly, is it possible that some people are just well and truly evil? If so, how do we prevent these senseless crimes from happening?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families affected by these senseless acts of hate and violence. Share your own thoughts, prayers, and opinions in the comments below.

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