DC Mayor Under Fire for Public Emergency Declaration

DC Mayor Under Fire for Public Emergency Declaration

Emergency Declaration SLAMMED – Police Fire Back!

(UnitedVoice.com) – Since President Joe Biden took office on January 20, 2021, illegal immigration has grown wildly out of control. The US Border Patrol has encountered nearly two million migrants seeking entry to the country unlawfully since October 2021. On July 29, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Operation Lone Star alone apprehended 278,000 migrants and arrested over 17,700 criminals who committed 15,100 felonies. State officials say the federal government forced it to fill in the gap for immigration enforcement after they refused to secure the border.

In April, Abbott began bussing illegal immigrants to Washington, DC, and New York City. He recently added Chicago to the rotation. Liberal mayors in those cities decried the move, and on Thursday, September 8, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a public emergency. Another city official argued the action by Texas was turning them into a “border town.” Now, those statements are coming under fire from Sheriffs who say DC officials have no idea of what border towns face.

DC Officials Suggest It’s Now a Border Town

Texas has sent less than 10,000 illegal immigrants to the nation’s capital. If Abbott intended to send a message to sanctuary cities and the Biden administration, he might have achieved his goal. Bowser’s emergency order allows the city to create an Office of Migrant Services to support the migrants showing up on buses. City officials say they will allocate $10 million to create the new office and said the city would bill the federal government for reimbursements.

The news came after the Pentagon twice refused the mayor’s request for help from the National Guard. Bowser noted the situation along the boundary between Mexico and Texas is worsening. She said city officials expect Abbott to send hundreds of buses this fall. Washington, DC, Councilmember Brianne Nadeau stated the governors of Texas and Arizona are turning the nation’s capital into a “border town.”

The councilwoman’s statement didn’t sit well with several Texas sheriffs.

Sheriffs Push Back

On Monday, September 12, Texas Sheriffs told Fox News Digital that Washington, DC, officials don’t have any clue about their experiences. Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd took exception to the statement saying DC is not a border town. He said the emergency declaration was nothing more than political grandstanding to squeeze some money out of the federal government. Boyd claimed if city officials want to know what an emergency looks like, they’re welcome to visit and see how the federal government has created a nightmare by not enforcing the nation’s immigration laws.

Jonathan Thompson, executive director and CEO of the National Sheriffs’ Association, told Bowser, “welcome to our world.” He stated DC had ignored the problems Texans face every day and insinuated officials were trying to blame someone else for the problems.

Retired Sheriff Clint McDonald stated Liberals criticized Texas for asking the feds for help. He declared he has no sympathy for them now that big liberal cities are experiencing a sliver of the problem. The former sheriff criticized the liberal mayors for seeking help over a few illegal immigrants in their communities while the Biden administration ignored their requests for relief or assistance.

Boyd said he fully supported Abbott’s move to ship some migrants to sanctuary cities and force the media to report on the issue. He called it a brilliant move on the governor’s part.

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