Debate Exposes Why the Far-Left Will Destroy Democratic Party

Debate Exposes Why the Far-Left Will Destroy Democratic Party

On Wednesday night in Atlanta, 10 Democrats debated their policies, President Trump, and why each of them would be able to beat the popular incumbent. It was a mostly boring debate, but there was one important discussion that exposed why the far-Left could destroy the party.

Ultimately, the Democratic party has to decide if they are a far-left party or middle-left party.

Additionally, are they appealing to African-Americans anymore, or are Republicans beginning to make in-roads into the Black community?

Perhaps that’s why Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) tried a new tactic last night. He didn’t take to the divisive strategy of “steal from the rich to take care of everyone” that candidates like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) advocate for. Instead, Booker tried appealing to hope through entrepreneurship and wealth-building, especially within the African-American community.

Warren: Taxes on the Rich

When asked if the divide in America is permanent or if Warren could bring the party together to achieve her goals, she chose to be divisive and go after the rich.

“We want to talk about the things that unite us and build an America that works for the people, not one that just works for the rich folks.”

Here is the problem: in her next breath she stated that she wants a 2% wealth tax on those who have assets of more than $50 billion and the “first $50 billion is free and clear.” What this money will go towards is unknown, and she won’t explicitly say.

Also, what about all the taxes that are paid on the first $50 billion? Clearly, that first threshold is not free and clear.

Are we really supposed to believe that the government isn’t interested in one’s money up to $50 billion? Every middle-class American who sees taxes coming out of their paycheck knows that’s not true.

Yet, Warren goes on to say,

“A wealth tax is not about punishing anyone. It’s about saying you built something great in this country, good for you. But you did it using workers all of us helped pay to educate. You did it getting your goods on roads and bridges all of us helped pay for. You did it protected by police and firefighters all of us helped pay the salaries for. So when you make it really big… pitch in 2 cents so everyone else gets a chance to make it.”

-Elizabeth Warren

Furthermore, she stated that “our government is working better for the billionaires, the rich, the well connected and worse and worse for everyone else. When we come together we acknowledge that.”

Really? Taking money from billionaires is what brings us all together? She seems to be saying the only way we have unity is to agree with her.

Booker: Entrepreneurship and Growing Wealth

After Warren’s divisive message of “taking from the wealthy to give towards dependency” speech, Cory Booker offered a refreshing alternative. Although, he still agreed with the need to increase revenue to the federal government instead of controlling government spending.

“I don’t agree with the wealth tax the way Elizabeth Warren puts it,” Booker said before stating something none of the Democratic candidates have said to date.

“We as Democrats need to fight for a just taxation system. But, as I travel around the country, we Democrats also have to talk about how to grow wealth as well. When I stood in a church recently, I asked black folks in a church, how many want to be entrepreneurs? Half the church raised their hands.”

-Cory Booker

Booker then made the best statement of the night:

“If we as a country, as a party, don’t start talking just about taxing wealth but how to give more people opportunities to create wealth, to grow businesses, to have their American dream. The people in communities I frequent, their aspiration for their lives is not just to have those fair wages. They want to have an economy that provides not just equalities in wealth but they want to have equalities in opportunity.”

What Booker is really saying is that the “tax the rich and we’ll take care of you” strategy is no longer working in the African-America community. He knows because he earned his way through and others are telling him they want the same chance.

Booker is sending a shot across the bow to the Democratic party by pointing out that all Americans want a chance at creating their own wealth. The far-left message of dependence that has infiltrated the party is no longer working.

What is unifying is a level playing field with opportunities.

As children, we were told there was an American Dream. We were told that if we worked hard, we could be anything we want. That’s how people like Booker and Warren got up on that debate stage.

It seems that Booker has been talking to some who believe it’s still possible to make it into the ranks of the wealthy in America. Those people want that shot. What’s more, they don’t want to be demonized if they do make it.

The Inconvenient Divide

In September, an article in the LA Times highlighted that African Americans are no longer the Liberal wing of the Democratic party. In fact, the article stated that African Americans tend to be more supportive of restrictive immigration and Israel, and less supportive of identity politics.

In a survey by the Black Census Project of 30,000 African Americans, they say they feel ignored by Democrats and want policies that will improve their lives.

So, does Booker know something that Warren, Sanders, and the rest of the Democratic party don’t?

It’s refreshing to hear a Democrat talk about unleashing the power of the US economy to inspire entrepreneurialism and business ownership. It’s what made America great for millions of immigrants from all over the world.

Unfortunately, Booker still believes in the taxation models that hurt entrepreneurialism. But, at least he’s starting to acknowledge the free market and its ability to transform people’s lives who want the opportunity for prosperity.

If Democrats choose to continue the hard shift towards the Left, they will abandon their core bases who are coming to realize an essential truth. Under President Trump, economic opportunity is there for those who want it. Dependency on the government does not have to be a lifestyle.

Ultimately, the far-Left will destroy the Democratic party. They’ll leave large constituencies behind if they don’t take Booker’s advice and enact policies that facilitate the creation of entrepreneurs and enable the possibility of small business ownership.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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