Deblasio Proposes Massive Blow to NYPD

Deblasio Proposes Massive Blow to NYPD

( – Crime continues to rise in New York City. So what does mayor Bill De Blasio want to do about it? He plans on cutting $1 billion from the city’s $6 billion budget.

In a press conference on Monday at City Hall, the Democratic mayor said his planned cuts would shift resources from the NYPD to young people and communities. Somehow he thinks this will help to address many of the underlying issues causing problems in the city.

The NYC PBA is totally against De Blasio’s plan. In response to the cut in funds for the police department, they said it would result in fewer cops on the streets. 

The worst part of De Blasio’s plan is policemen and women already feel like their jobs are rough. These new cutbacks will likely make it impossible for many of them to stay in the profession.

Even before the $1 billion cut proposal, NYC cops were retiring in record numbers. This move by De Blasio will only exacerbate the problem. It’s tough to see how this could make the city safer.

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