Defunding Abortions, Biden vs Trump and Protesters Disrespecting the American Flag

Taxpayers No Longer Funding Abortions

Finally, America is one step closer to being morally pure by protecting the innocent. Trump passed a measure this week that prevent taxpayer-funded family-planning clinics from referring women for abortions. Planned Parenthood, which has deep connections to the Clintons, is primarily affected by the change.

Planned Parenthood recently lost a case against the Trump administration that would have retained some of their funding sources. They must also do their own finances in addition to no longer being able to refer women for abortions. Trump’s next step is to prevent family planning clinics from being under the same roof as abortion clinics.

Biden Challenges Trump to a Push-Up Contest?

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that if Trump questions his age or mental health that he would ask him to go for a run or see who could do the most push-ups. Biden boasted what little physical prowess he still possesses during an interview on MSNBC. This is Biden’s equivalent of picking a bar fight, only it’s on the national stage for the highest office in the land.

That’s not the first time Joe has challenged Trump to some sort of face-off, either. He called Trump a bully that needed to be “smacked in the mouth” earlier this year. Aren’t we supposed to avoid physical force when it comes to free speech?

Protesters Replace the American Flag With a Mexican Flag

Anti-ICE protesters recently showed how little respect they have for America. They pulled down the American Flag outside of an ICE facility and replaced it with the Mexican flag. Protesters didn’t stop there; they also removed a “Blue Lives Matter” flag and spray-painted it before raising it upside-down.

This blatant display of disrespect is commonplace for Liberals. They forget the reason they’re allowed to protest and voice their opinions (as wrong as they may be) is that they’re AMERICAN citizens, not Mexican. If they want to fly the Mexican flag, then maybe they should just move down there!

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