Dem Goes up Against Collins, Trump Makes Supreme Court Promise, Paul Ryan Sees the Light

Senator Collins to Go up Against Top Maine Democrat

Senator Collins has yet to announce her candidacy, but that hasn’t stopped her opponents.

Representative Sara Gideon (D-ME), after spending two terms as the Democratic speaker, has just announced that she will run against Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). Abortion seems to be Gideon’s primary platform. Her website states that she has always defended a woman’s right to choose, while also adding that she will put Maine’s interests first.

Sara is nothing special when it comes to Democrats. Let’s hope that the people of Maine vote with their brains and allow Senator Collins to continue her winning streak.

Trump Says He Would Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

President Trump announced today that he would immediately fill any potential vacancy in the Supreme Court before the 2020 election.

The Left is saying that Trump is being a hypocrite because of his support for the Senate’s decision to block Obama’s nomination in 2016. Part of their argument is that the ruling was made because it was so close to the end of Obama’s term. Trump explained that if the Democrats would have controlled the Senate, they would have gotten their nominee approved, regardless of how much time Obama had left.

Once again, the Democrats are showing what hypocrites they truly are.

Paul Ryan Says Trump Isn’t Taking Any Crap

President Trump and former Speaker Paul Ryan may have had their problems in the past, but Ryan finally sees the light.

During an interview on PBS NewsHour, Ryan stated that Trump’s base is now the core of the Republican party. He finally sees what every other good American has seen in the president since 2016. Trump stands up for the American people, isn’t controlled by political correctness and actually solves problems.

Ryan also said that Trump appeals to the forgotten man. What he doesn’t realize is that thanks to Trump, we are no longer forgotten!

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