Dem Operative Shares How Easy It Is to Rig Mail-In Ballots

Dem Operative Shares How Easy it Is to Rig Mail-in Ballots

( – For years, Democrats and the media declared voter fraud wasn’t a serious issue. That’s despite the myriad of reports that mail-in fraud is a real threat to the integrity of US elections. Now, a senior level Democratic operative is blowing the whistle. He admits mail-in voter fraud isn’t a myth. The whistleblower told the New York Post he’s been doing it for years at a massive scale.

Liberal think tanks say cheating is impossible and is a figment of Trump’s imagination.

But is it?

Mail-in Voting Fraud Is Easy and Widespread

In New Jersey, the Post’s whistleblower confirmed the Democratic consultant worked on political campaigns from the local level to the US Senate, influencing the outcome of elections in favor of Democrats.

So, how did he do it?

It’s easy.

Ballots were printed on regular paper. Unlike the money in your wallet, there’s nothing to identify it as unique to protect it against fraud. The whistleblower said ballots were photocopied and forged.

However, faking the envelopes is a different story. The easy way for a political operative to get around it is to go house-to-house and ask voters to let them mail their ballots as a public service.

Once they collected the envelopes, they steamed the envelope to open it, and replaced the original ballot with the counterfeit one. Before mailing the ballot, operatives bent the corner of the envelope to create a crease. This would signal to the Democratic Board of Elections counters not to object to those “fixed” ballots to ensure the counterfeits were counted. Then, they mailed the counterfeit ballots at different locations to avoid suspicions at the Postal Service.

It Gets Better!

There are two other means consultants use to cheat. In one scenario, postal workers in Republican areas threw ballots in the trash. In other cases, mail carriers separated mail-in ballots and gave them to the political operatives. The operatives either discarded them or followed the instructions above.

Nursing homes were also favorite targets for mail-in fraud. Operatives “helped” unsuspecting elderly voters fill out their ballots. In many instances, the nurse was a paid operative.

They also used voter impressions at polls, bribed voters, and intimidated them into voting for their candidates.

Trump Campaign Sues to Stop Mail-in Voting

President Donald Trump and Republicans have sounded the alarms for months, and opponents are screaming that the president is trying to delegitimize the election if he loses. In New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee (RNC) are suing to stop mail-in voting in states not adequately prepared. They say voter fraud in these states is “inevitable” and the integrity of the election shouldn’t be in dispute.

Mail-in voter fraud isn’t only a possibility — it’s happening. Unfortunately, too many political operatives are getting away with it while partisans toe the line that it isn’t possible.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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