Dem Shocking Double Standards on Display

Dem Shocking Double Standards on Display

( – The presumptive Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has a questionable past. From making corrupt decisions while in office to making women feel incredibly uncomfortable around him, it seems like there’s always another scandal nipping at his heels. But the Democratic hopefully really showed his true colors in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club Podcast.

This time, it WAS something he said.

Biden did nothing short of brag for 18 minutes during the interview. In fact, he barely allowed host Charlamagne to get in a question. But that unprofessional quip closer to the end really ended up taking the cake.

The Breakfast Club’s tweet, shown above, asked users if they agreed with the statement. The audience was quick to respond. A whopping 90% of Twitter users who responded picked no. This included a high number of black conservatives, all who were not afraid to speak their mind in the comments.

The Left has a history of criticizing and nitpicking the President’s words — most of which are taken out of context. They break down every speech, tweet, and memo, forcing it through their questionably unfair “racism filter” in an effort to manufacture outrage. But as usually happens, they are oddly silent on the subject now that it’s Biden in the spotlight.

The President can’t even talk frankly without being accused of something. A left-leaning leader like Joe Biden, on the other hand, can make blatantly racist claims in clear context. Yet, Democrats don’t even bat an eye. Seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?

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