Democrat Analyst Gives the Best Reason NOT to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Democrat Analyst Gives the Best Reason NOT to Vote for Hillary Clinton
Democrat Analyst Gives the Best Reason NOT to Vote for Hillary Clinton

There are a LOT of reasons not to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In fact, the Internet is rife with endless lists of reasons. Let’s see, there’s her dishonesty, corruption, coverups, viciousness, greed, narcissism, scheming, and conniving, to name just a few. Not to mention the fact that the FBI and other officials in-the-know actually consider her a traitor. But if all this isn’t enough to convince you, then Doug Schoen, political analyst, author, commentator, AND Democrat, might just have the straw that will break your camel’s back.
Schoen, a lifetime Democrat who has worked for both Bill and Hillary Clinton, announced on Sunday that after the latest revelation of Clinton emails on Friday, he could not in good conscience vote for Hillary for president. But it’s not for the reasons listed above. He actually liked the Clintons. He said he shares their worldview. But he also said after a long night of deliberating and soul-searching on Saturday, he became absolutely convinced that Hillary as president could be the worst thing that ever happened to America.
“I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life–not just political, but also personal–last night,” he said. Following the revelation of new Clinton emails by FBI Director James Comey on Friday, Schoen realized that electing Hillary for president could set off a chain of events not so different from what happened during Watergate, which he happened to be around for, and even wrote a book about it.
“What troubled me most [during Watergate], other than the crimes committed, was that the United States was paralyzed and unable to act,” he said. “President Nixon and the government were rendered impotent, unable to govern and meet its responsibilities to the American public. I worry that the same thing could happen after a victory by Secretary Clinton and could carry on into her term of office.”
He said that if Hillary is elected, he believes the U.S. government will be unable to resolve issues surrounding the crisis and will suffer from the disruption of daily operations, to the point of complete paralysis.
“I am now convinced that we will be facing the very real possibility of a constitutional crisis with many dimensions and deleterious consequences should Secretary Clinton win the election,” he said.
Here is the sequence of events that Schoen sees in the U.S. government if Hillary Clinton is elected president:

  • On the first day of her presidency, she will be under investigation by the FBI.
  • All branches of government will become paralyzed, impotent, and unable to govern.
  • Departments, like the FBI and Department of Justice, will start investigating each other.
  • There will be no honeymoon for Clinton, and you can forget the “first 100 days” agenda. That will take a back seat to partisan divisions and polarization, with little getting done in Congress. Washington will become even more hyper-partisan and gridlocked.
  • National security will be jeopardized by ongoing investigations by the FBI and maybe the Justice Department and possibly even Congress, leaving us vulnerable to our enemies.
  • If and when she’s convicted, she will either have to be pardoned by another president or pardon herself. Americans would never stand for that.

For all of you who were around when Bill Clinton first took office, just think back on all the Clinton legal crap we’ve been force-fed over the years. Bill’s scandals with women, namely Monica Lewinsky, who got him impeached: the lies, the coverups, and deceptions. Remember when the Clinton legal tangles went on endlessly like some sick, twisted background noise, all day, every day? Do we really want FOUR YEARS of this all over again?