Democrat-Controlled House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill

Democrat-Controlled House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill

Democrats Pass It – 222 to 203

( – Democratic lawmakers have made a big show of talking about domestic terrorism threats in the US. There’s no doubt that’s a concern Americans should have. Recently, the House passed a bill dealing with the issue, but only one Republican supported the legislation.

On Wednesday, May 18, the House passed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022 almost entirely along party lines with a 222-203 vote. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) joined Democrats in voting for it.

The legislation would create offices at the departments of Justice and Homeland Security, as well as the FBI, specifically focusing on tracking domestic terror threats. It also requires the offices to share potential threats to prevent future attacks.

During the summer of 2020, violent Left-wing mobs descended on cities for social justice protests and caused tremendous damage. In fact, some estimates put the value at more than $1 billion. People died during those riots, and protesters attacked the police. But when the Democratic Party talks about terrorism, they never bring up those incidents.

While Republicans support targeting domestic terrorists, including Antifa, they believe the latest legislation could lead to overreach within President Joe Biden’s administration. The DOJ has already threatened to go after parents who vocally disagree with school board members. Could they use this legislation to further those goals if it’s passed? That’s unclear.

How do you feel about the new domestic terrorism bill?

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