Democrat Debate Highlights

Democrat Debate Highlights

Wednesday night, the top 10 Democratic presidential hopefuls took to the stage in Atlanta to debate what they considered to be the topics important to the American people. Let’s look at some of the highlights.


Considering how much infighting has been going on with the DemocraticParty as a whole, the participants of Wednesday’s debate were fairly cordial to each other. There were a couple of interesting digs that the contenders took at each other.

At one point, while discussing legalizing marijuana, Sen. Cory Booker told former Vice President Joe Biden that “I thought you might have been high” when Biden said that legalizing marijuana was bad because it could be a “gateway drug.” This, of course, received some laughs from the crowd.

Another moment of contention, which didn’t come as a surprise, was between Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Makala Harris.

Harris called out Gabbard for being a bad Democrat, saying it was her who “during the Obama administration spent four years, full-time on Fox News criticizing Obama.” Harris also claimed that Gabbard tried to befriend the Democrat’s number one enemy, Donald Trump. “When Donald Trump was elected, not even sworn in, [she] buddied up to Steve Bannon to get a meeting with Donald Trump in the Trump Tower, fails to call a war criminal by what he is, as a war criminal, and then spends full time during the course of this campaign again criticizing the Democratic Party,” Harris said.

Gabbard pushed back by saying that Harris is “continuing to traffic in lies and smears and innuendos because she cannot challenge the substance of the argument that I’m making.”


Of course, Trump was a big topic of the night. Sen. Bernie Sanders started things off by saying that he is the “most corrupt president in the modern history of the United States of America.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar called out the people who say that a woman can’t beat Trump in the 2020 election, saying “If you think a woman can’t beat Donald Trump — Nancy Pelosi does it every single day.”

This statement is laughable because Pelosi has done nothing to beat President Trump, she’s simply been like an annoying gnat buzzing around his face. She’s annoying now, but it won’t last for long.

Sanders did make one of the most coherent statements of the night, saying that if the Democrats continue to put all their focus on Trump that they will definitely lose in 2020.

Biden also made an announcement that isn’t sitting too well with his fellow Democrats. When asked if he would order an investigation into Trump if he’s elected next year he said “Look, I would not direct my Justice Department as this president does. I would let them make their independent judgment. I would not dictate who should be prosecuted or who should be exonerated. That’s not the role of the president of the United States, whatever is determined by the attorney general. If that was the judgment, that he violated the law and he should be in fact criminally prosecuted, then so be it, but I would not direct it.”


Race was another big topic of the night. Sen. Cory Booker, who said that “black voters are pissed off,” claimed that Biden’s stance on not legalizing marijuana is racist, saying “…marijuana in our country is already legal for privileged people. The war on drugs has been a war on black and brown people.”

Sen. Kamala Harris also focused on the topic of race, “There are plenty of people who applauded black women for the success of the 2018 election. When black women are three to four times more likely to die in connection to childbirth in America when black women make 61 cents on the dollar. The question is, where have you been, and what are you gonna do?”

Overall, the debate was pretty predictable and uneventful. As of right now, only six of the Dems from last night qualify for December’s debate. Hopefully, as the numbers continue to dwindle the politicians will start focusing on topics that matter to everyone.

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