Democrat Gets Ethics Complaint Filed Against Her

Democrat Gets Ethics Complaint Filed Against Her

( – An ethics complaint has been filed against a senior Democrat lawmaker by an air marshal’s union. The complaint alleges members of Congress have been abusing their powers to pressgang air marshals into giving them extra security – and leaving normal air travelers without protection from terrorists.

On May 14, Sonya Hightower LoBosco, the executive director of the Air Marshal National Council, submitted a formal complaint against Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA). LoBosco says that since the January 6 Capitol riot, some lawmakers have been asking for air marshals to be assigned to their flights, often for non-official travel such as vacations.

The complaint alleges that on April 17, Waters flew from Washington, DC to attend the trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin. This trip has already attracted controversy after Waters almost derailed the courtroom by demanding that the jury find Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd last year.

Now LoBosco says that, despite already having an escort of armed Capitol Police and Secret Service agents, Waters demanded two air marshals as well. According to her, the Transport Security Administration (TSA), which runs the Federal Air Marshal Service, has started pulling marshals from at-risk commercial flights and assigning them to babysit nervous legislators. She says one high-risk flight was left completely unguarded so Waters could get extra protection.

Waters denies the allegation.

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