Democrat Hypocrisy on Display With Russia Treaty Extension

Democrat Hypocrisy on Display with Russia Treaty Extension

( – Former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy accomplishments were incredible. One of the things he achieved was forming relationships with countries that had been adversarial before, like Russia. One Republican senator is now issuing a warning about President Joe Biden on that front.

On January 21, Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced the Biden administration is going to “seek a five-year extension” of the New START Treaty, a nuclear arms control agreement. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed the new president for his decision, saying he’s “giving a gift” to Putin. The lawmaker pointed out that the Left attacked Trump for four years over Russia, but as soon as their guy took office they “immediately reverted to their old, weak, dovish ways.”

The media and Left constantly accused Trump of being Vladimir Putin’s puppet and all sorts of other nonsense throughout his presidency. Although Trump had a decent relationship with the former-Soviet spy, he did not allow Putin to walk all over him. It looks like Biden is about to change that, and who knows what damage will be done to America in the process.

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