Democrat Strategist Says to Abandon Impeachment

Democrat Strategist Says to Abandon Impeachment

At least one Democrat is making sense when it comes to the impeachment of President Trump.

During an interview last week, Trump said that he doesn’t think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be able to get a vote on the impeachment process, adding “I think it’s very hard for them to impeach you when they have absolutely nothing.”

While many Democrats were bothered by his response, one is hoping that Trump’s prediction is correct.

Doug Schoen, a Democratic Party campaign consultant and former Bill Clinton pollster, thinks Pelosi should forget about impeachment and vote to reprimand Trump.

During a recent interview he said:

“While the Democratic electorate is almost unanimously in favor of impeachment, swing voters in swing states… are decidedly mixed, if not negative. And given that states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida — ones the Democrats have to win in some combination to win the presidential election — it’s hard for me to see that impeachment is anything but a very problematic issue for the party.”

Schoen believes that the Democrats are going to regret focusing so much on the impeachment process.

It certainly appears that their obsession will also be their downfall.

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