Democrat Tweet Removed Over Voter Suppression Violation

Democrat Tweet Removed Over Voter Suppression Violation

( – For months, Twitter has been placing warnings on President Trump’s tweets that it subjectively deemed misinformation. The site’s actions are typically swift, almost immediate. On Tuesday, September 1, the social media giant struck again. Except this time, it was an actual misinformation tweet by a Democrat. Of course, it took them two weeks to spot this glaring rules violation.

On August 18, House candidate Elizabeth Hernandez (D-TX) urged Trump supporters to vote the day after the election. Two weeks later, Twitter locked the account. The tech company said the post was a violation of its rules against voter suppression.

The news of the campaign’s behavior barely made a ripple in the media. However, according to a few media outlets, the tweet said, “relatives in Texas who are tRump supporters” [sic]. Thank you! And remind all of your Trump supporting relatives to vote on Wednesday, November 4! (Since they’re Trump supporters, they might fall for it. Just saying….)”

The candidate’s campaign removed the tweet on Tuesday, and the page was restored. Unfortunately, the original tweet cannot be located, nor an image of it. Apparently, Hernandez thought the tweet was funny. Her campaign said it was posted as a joke. However, for four years, the Democratic Party and social media companies were on a crusade to end misinformation on their platforms. Now that one of their own was caught, don’t count on it changing the Democrat’s narrative.

Hernandez is in a no-win race against Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) in an overwhelmingly Republican district. Brady has held the seat since 1997. He serves as the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee.

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