Democratic Candidate DESPERATELY Backtracks

Vulnerable Democrat U-Turns on Anti-Police Stance

Vulnerable Democrat U-Turns on Anti-Police Stance

( – In the wake of the George Floyd murder, many Democrats began calling for the defunding of police departments. The policy was incredibly unpopular with many Americans. Now, one of the Leftists who adopted an anti-police stance is trying to backtrack.

US Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) is up for reelection in the House again in her Minneapolis suburb. She was one of the lawmakers who voted to pass a federal police reform package in the wake of Floyd’s death that included ending qualified immunity for officers. That would allow civilians to sue the police personally for acts they carried out while they were on the job. Now, the representative is trying to distance herself from her vote.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Craig claims her feelings about qualified immunity have “evolved.” She said that she now knows that “attacks on law enforcement have negatively impacted recruitment and retention and morale.” She admitted that the rhetoric has hurt law enforcement officers and reversed her position, saying qualified immunity must stay in place.

Across the country, Democrats who once supported defunding the police have also reversed their messages. In a country where crime has skyrocketed, Americans want lawmakers who will work with the police to keep neighborhoods safe.

Do you think the American people will forgive and forget?

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