Democratic Lawmakers Block Bill to Punish Repeat Child Predators

Democratic Lawmakers Block Bill to Punish Repeat Child Predators

( – California lawmakers have just shown how seriously they take the responsibility of protecting their children. Three state senators introduced a bipartisan bill to ensure child trafficking is treated as a serious crime. Unfortunately, a liberal-dominated state committee doesn’t think it should be.

Last December, three California senators — Shannon Grove (R), Anna Caballero (D) and Susan Rubio (D) introduced a bill to the State Senate. The bill, SB-14, would amend the California Penal Code to reclassify human trafficking of a minor as a serious felony, the same crime category as murder and rape. That would allow courts to jail traffickers for longer, all the way up to life sentences.

The senators introduced the bill because California reportedly has the worst human trafficking problem in the US, especially for Native American girls, and they want to crack down on the vile crime. On May 25, the bill reached the floor of the State Senate and was passed on a 40-0 vote.

Unfortunately for California’s children, before the bill could move on to the State House, it ran into the roadblock of the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Six of the Committee’s eight members are Democrats — and they all abstained from voting on the bill. Both Republican members voted to pass it, but a quirk of California law stops the bill from going forward to the House floor even though it had two votes in favor and none against.

The Committee’s majority leader, State Representative Isaac Bryan (D), claimed longer sentences just “increase our investments in systems of harm and subjugation” and said the state should invest in communities to “not have this be a problem.” Bryan stuck to this view despite the Committee hearing from trafficking victims. One of them, Odessa Perkins, claimed the Committee’s opposition to longer prison terms creates a “horrific cycle of abuse and depravity.” Unfortunately, it seems the Committee cares more about enforcing progressive anti-prison policies than actually doing anything about traffickers.

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