Democratic Mayor Gets in Brutal Car Accident

Democratic Mayor Gets in Brutal Car Accident

( – A liberal mayor was lucky to escape serious injuries last week after her car was involved in a traffic accident. The fault seems to have been caused by the mayor’s driver. Even worse, she was traveling in a police cruiser at the time.

On June 6, the mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu, was being driven across town in a city police cruiser. Reaching a red light at the intersection of Blakemore Street and Hyde Park Avenue, Wu’s driver ran the light and crossed the intersection with the cruiser’s blue lights flashing — then was hit on the driver’s side by a car crossing from the side.

Boston PD and Wu’s office haven’t responded to journalists who asked if her driver ran the red light, but surveillance video clearly shows the mayor’s cruiser crossing traffic that was moving through a green light. The video also shows one car stopping to avoid a collision, then a second one hitting Wu’s car as her driver tried to turn left onto Hyde Park Avenue.

Boston City Hall has confirmed that Wu was involved in the accident, despite the official police report avoiding her name and calling her “a person known to the Commonwealth,” and also said nobody involved suffered serious injuries. The vehicle that collided with the mayor’s cruiser contained a mother and daughter. Boston 25 News says it has images showing Wu embracing them before they were treated by EMTs.

Boston cops are still investigating the crash; according to a statement, this is routine for all accidents that involve police vehicles. Images of the crash’s aftermath show a school bus stopped beside the damaged cruiser. That highlights the serious risks of running a red light, even in a police vehicle with its lights activated. First responders sometimes need to take those risks, but many people will be questioning how often a mayor needs to get somewhere so urgently that she can’t wait for the light to turn green.

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