Democratic Mayor Under Fire for Racism

Democratic Mayor Under Fire for Racism

( – Democrats have sold their party as one that accepts people of all races, sexes, etc. Ironically, the party’s officials have repeatedly been accused of racism, as was the case recently with the mayor of Boston.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (D), the city’s first Asian American leader, recently directed her aide, Denise DosSantos, to send out invitations to a holiday party she was hosting for city council members. But there was a problem: she only wanted people of color at her party.

The Boston Herald reported the email said Wu was cordially inviting the council members and a guest to attend the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party.” The email was accidentally sent to all of the city councilors. Seven members are white and were excluded from the party, as DosSantos clarified 15 minutes after the first email went out.

The aide said she wanted to apologize for sending them to everyone. She also apologized for offending anyone, but it was too little, too late. Outgoing City Councilor Frank Baker said the mayor’s decision was “unfortunate and divisive.”

Mayor Wu defended her decision to host a party for the minority council members. She said it’s an event that takes place every year, and it was her turn to host it. She went on to say that there are “other parties that everyone is invited to.” For example, she is hosting one on December 18 for the state legislature, all of the city council members, all of their elected officials, and everyone else to “thank everyone and celebrate for the holidays.”

This wasn’t the first time a Democratic mayor has been accused of excluding white people. In 2021, then-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) announced she was going to grant one-on-one interviews with journalists to celebrate the second anniversary of her inauguration. She told the press that she was only going to allow journalists of color to interview her because she believed the press corps in the city were too white.

Lightfoot’s decision caused outrage among journalists and the public. Two years later, she was soundly defeated when she was up for reelection.

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