Democratic Mayors Flee Amid Mounting Protests

Democratic Mayors Flee Amid Mounting Protests

( – To help quell violence and disorder, President Trump repeatedly has offered to mobilize federal troops to cities in need. Democratic mayors refused to take him up on it. Now, they’re fleeing as Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters surround their homes.

Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler sent an email to residents in his apartment building on August 1, advising he was moving out after repeated protests outside the building calling for him to step down. Wheeler apologized to the other tenants for the resulting “damage to the building” and fear they were “experiencing.”

President Trump reached out later that day, expressing his sympathy for the mayor, reminding him that “Criminals only understand strength!”

In a similar maneuver, St. Louis’ Democratic Mayor Lyda Krewson confirmed on September 2 that she moved out of her apartment two months ago because their neighbors “were being disturbed and threatened.” She also claimed she moved to “deescalate the situation” and “save police resources.”

Wheeler and Krewson are among several Democratic mayors experiencing violent protests in their cities since the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

Democratic mayors have coddled protesters for months to no avail. When will they learn? You cannot negotiate with terrorists — foreign or domestic.

It’s time for them to step aside and let President Trump and Attorney General William Barr do their jobs and restore peace to these cities.

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