Democratic Official Linked to Murder Scene by DNA Evidence

Democratic Official Linked to Murder Scene by DNA Evidence

Democratic Official ARRESTED – Held Without Bond!

( – For many years, Las Vegas was known for its corruption. In the 1960s, the FBI noted the city had strong ties to the mob. The nation’s leading law enforcement agency also listed the city near the top for bank robberies and kidnapping cases. In addition, the town also grappled with political corruption. Now, a new scandal is shadowing the Clark County Public Administrator’s office, which oversees the estates of those who died.

In June, Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles lost a re-election bid after the Las Vegas Review-Journal exposed the first-term Democrat’s indecency in public office. The reporting led to his downfall. On Saturday, September 3, neighbors called police after spotting 69-year-old investigative reporter Jeff German’s body in front of his home. Investigators found his remains, apparently stabbed to death. On Wednesday, September 7, police arrested and charged Telles with German’s murder after linking him to the crime.

Police Charge Democrat with Murder

Detectives said they found the Democrat’s DNA under the victim’s fingernails. They also discovered bloody shoes and pieces of a hat the suspect wore at the time of the homicide. The authorities broke the case after releasing an image of the vehicle tied to the horrifying event. Officials said an observer contacted them, suggesting Telle’s vehicle matched the description of the one provided by law enforcement.

On Tuesday afternoon, police obtained a warrant and interviewed Telles while searching through his home. The following day, they returned and surrounded the politician’s home in tactical gear. Five hours later, officers arrested and charged him with murdering the investigative reporter.

Reporter Investigating Telles for Corruption

In May, German reported that the elected official bullied and retaliated against employees in his office. In addition, he reportedly had an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate female employee. As the election got closer, the staff reported their boss to the county human resources department over his hostile behavior. Still, the candidate doubled down and posted what they deemed a threatening letter on his campaign website.

Estate Coordinator Aleisha Goodwin provided the Clark County Office of Diversity with a video of Telles’ behavior. She wrote that county leaders didn’t protect employees from their mentally unstable and abusive boss for nearly two years. In late May, German reported on the Democrat’s bullying and favoritism. He blasted the report on his campaign website and stated the claims were not true.

The animosity between the staff and Telles became so bad that Rita Reid, his top supervisor, ran against him in the election and won the primary.

German’s supervisors said he never reported feeling unsafe. He worked as a journalist for 40 years, exposing corruption and crime by politicians, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, and those in the mob. Those who worked with the well-respected reporter said his investigations contributed to positive reforms and policy changes.

The authorities are holding Telles without bail.

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