Democratic Senator Breaks Rank Over Differences in Genders

Democratic Senator Breaks Rank Over Differences in Genders

( – In 2022, author Richard Reeves’ book “Of Boys and Men” was met with critical acclaim. The Brookings Institute fellow took on the struggles facing modern males. Recently, a Democratic senator read the book and gave his thoughts on it.

Reeves’ book outlines a series of issues that boys and men regularly face. He argues that while women have seen their lives improve, men have seen theirs stay the same or worsen. Men are more likely than women to take their own lives. Additionally, they are often seen as violent and struggle with toxic masculinity. Reeves believes that masculinity is the result of biology rather than the environment.

The author believes politicians on both sides of the aisle are too bogged down with their own ideological beliefs that they don’t have any solutions. And Reeves thinks the answer could include gender equality.

After reading the book, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) compared it to his own book, “The Violence Inside Us,” where he discusses America’s violent history. The lawmaker called out Democrats on Twitter, saying they have missed the crisis happening in the male community. He said the country needs to be able to have honest conversations about what’s happening.

Murphy said the country can’t ignore the “biological/evolutionary differences between men and women.” He explained that in “one short generation,” men “lost their roles as primary family earners.” But instead of taking the crisis they face seriously, the senator says Progressives tell them to “get over it.”

The lawmaker points out that he doesn’t think the problem is one that only Conservatives should be talking about. Reeves suggests that schools should offer more support to make students who are struggling, men who aren’t married should have more rights when it comes to their kids, and society should stop shaming men who move toward careers that have been traditionally filled by women, like teaching or healthcare. Murphy says his party needs to begin offering solutions to the problems men are facing.

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