Democrats Call for Non-Goverment, Corporate Censorship to Skirt the Constitution

Democrats Call for Non-Goverment, Corporate Censorship to Skirt the Constitution

( – The Left is relentlessly pursuing tactics that, just a few years ago, would have been unheard of in America. On September 7, far-Left Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wrote Amazon CEO Andy Jassy a letter demanding answers from the tech giant on its failure to censor authors who write about COVID-19. Of course, the powerful senator doesn’t want just any writers censored on the platform, only those who don’t go along with the government’s agenda.

According to the First Amendment, the government has little to no control over the free speech rights of Americans. However, corporations do have that power. Over the last two years, we’ve watched social media companies censor former President Trump and numerous Conservatives. They even kicked some off their platforms, including Trump. It’s worth asking, are corporations doing the bidding of the Leftists in government as a means to skirt the US Constitution?

Is America Becoming an Authoritarian State Without the Authoritarian?

Democrats are embracing a corporate governance model to enact policies and tactics the Constitution prohibits the government from enacting. Elizabeth Warren, President Biden, and other prominent Leftists demand corporations protect us from ourselves and our own best interests. All one needs to do is look at Biden’s workplace vaccination mandate. He’s not going to force anyone to take the shots. Businesses will do it for him under the guise of workplace safety measures.

What the Democrats want is for companies to create algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities to watch over Americans to ensure they make good choices and read things they deem are true and accurate. It’s called enlightened despotism, and it’s not new. Over two hundred years ago, Charles III of Spain said, “everything for the people, nothing by the people.”

George Washington University Law Professor and Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley says the government is persuading woke corporations to pursue what he calls corporate despotism. Senator Warren argues some of the public isn’t listening to the views of the Democratic Party. Therefore, the misinformed voices should be silenced and castigated as prominent “spreaders of misinformation.” However, she claims companies such as Amazon are empowering the misinformation on their platforms. She gave them 14 days to respond to her very pointed inquiries. Her meaning is pretty clear — Amazon’s algorithm is wrong and needs changing. However, it’s hard to know what leverage she has over the company to force them to change anything.

So, America’s government may not be directly authoritarian, but it empowers corporate authoritarians to do its bidding. Not long ago, free speech rights defined our way of life and system of government. Universally, people declared they might disagree with one’s choice of words but would defend their right to say as they choose. It appears those days are fleeting quickly.

Now free speech is harmful. It could kill you. The government can’t stop it, but the Leftist politicians can get their liberal corporate cronies to do it for them. If not, there’s a legislative threat that could get them to fall in line as long as they hold enough power to enact the threat.

As Turley said, corporations are encouraged to censor “everything for the people, nothing by the people.”

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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