Democrats Can’t Stop Church

Democrats Can't Stop Church

( – Democrat-run Nevada has put into place some fascist anti-Christian laws.

The state doesn’t allow Christians to peacefully gather at churches. In fact, they’re limited to 50 or fewer people, no matter how big the church. But, the real kicker is that casinos don’t have the same limitations.

According to Nevada law, casinos can operate at 50% capacity. That’s way more than 50 people.

In early August, a group called Evangelicals for Trump came up with a brilliant way to get around the ridiculous law. They couldn’t gather at church? Fine. They’ll worship in a casino!

Governor Steve Sisolak (D) was furious that the group beat him at his own game. He lashed out publicly at the Christian gathering. And, that’s not all — he also fined the casino $250.

The thing is, the group never violated any law. The casino where they held their worship service never exceeded the 50% capacity rule.

The Evangelicals for Trump did two incredible things. They found a way to worship God without violating the law, and they showed how absurd the rules are concerning churches and casinos.

Well done.

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