Democrats Concerned About Woke Culture

Democrats Concerned About Woke Culture

( – If Democrats would take a moment to speak to average Americans, they might find that people at both ends of the political spectrum are sick of the woke culture that’s become so popular on the radical Left. Recently, a New York Times opinion writer said as much in an op-ed entitled “Is Wokeness ‘Kryptonite’ for Democrats?”

In the May 26, op-ed Thomas Edsall pointed to a recent Harvard/Harris survey that showed 64% of people thought that cancel culture was a threat to American freedom. And that included nearly half (48%) of the Democrats surveyed. He also pointed to the emergence of new mainstream Democratic groups like Counterweight and the Academic Freedom Alliance which are trying to fight back against the radical Left’s wokeness.

According to the piece, some experts are worried cancel culture is going to ruin the Democratic Party. Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist who works at NYU said he’s concerned the far-left is weighing the party down because their policies are so radical they make it easy for the GOP to run against.

That creates a world of opportunity for the GOP. If they can keep pointing out just how radical the Left is and show them tangible evidence (like rising crime rates) that their policies are dangerous, Conservatives could win not just the congressional majority, but also the presidency in 2024.

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