Democrats Demand Taxpayers Foot the Bill to Give Congress More Money

The absolute audacity of Democrats…
They systematically work to destroy American values and put citizens at risk every single day. From lobbying to allow violent MS-13 gang members across the southern border to trying to force the right to respect Muslim terrorists and anti-Semitism, it’s a constant avalanche of questionable choices and terrifying agendas.
They want to take your guns away and strip your ability to protect yourself when Sharia law and criminals threaten your life and livelihood. If it were up to the Left, they’d ensure that even thinking about self-defense would result in jail time.
Now, Democrats in Congress now want taxpayers to foot the bill for “rising costs of living” (which roughly translates out to “support our insanity”). They’re demanding $4,500 raises no later than early next year.

Key Points:

  • Congressional salaries have been a bone of contention since early 2009, when Democrats had them frozen at $174,000. But cost-of-living raises for Congress are actually protected under a previous 1989 federal ethics law.
  • House Democrats seek to undo the freeze by ensuring that fiscal 2020 funding bills do not contain language blocking raises. But House Appropriations Committee spokesperson Evan Hollander says that simply removing the language won’t necessarily ensure raises across the board.
  • “There is strong bipartisan support for these modest inflation adjustments,” he said. “If members want to alter or eliminate the [cost-of-living adjustment], they should do so through the authorizing process — not appropriations bills.”
  • Hollander added that, even if the language is removed, it doesn’t mean the Appropriations Committee has to approve the raises, especially if they aren’t deserved.
  • Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) also spoke with reporters on the controversial funding increase, saying, “I think the American people would think that Congress ought to earn it first.”

Anne Coulter once said the Left had lost its mind.
Was she right, or do Democrats in Congress really deserve a pay raise?
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