Democrats Deny Reasons for Increase in Violent Crime

Democrats Deny Reasons for Increase in Violent Crime

( – In the wake of the “defund the police” movement, crime in some of America’s biggest cities spiked dramatically over the last year. In just one of many examples, homicides in Minneapolis spiked 49% from July 22, 2020, to March 8, 2021. It may not be a coincidence that far-left Progressives lead the city and defunded their police by $9.1 million. To complicate matters, the Left alleges that the policing system in America is inherently and intentionally racist.

As a result of Democratic politicians attacking police work and defunding departments, police officers have found their lives at risk, working more hours with less help and support from leadership. As a result, they’ve begun leaving their jobs. It’s no wonder crime’s spiking. However, Democrats are in denial about important reasons why this is happening.

Democrats in Denial

As evidence mounts that police play a vital role in keeping communities safe, Democrats continue to shift responsibility from cultural dysfunction egged on by Progressive policies to systematic racism. There’s no denying that urban minority communities in financial despair are more likely to end up a product of the justice system. The question is, what’s at the heart of the issue? Is it racism or something else?

Labeling racism as the root problem doesn’t functionally help people escape their struggles. Political correctness is thriving, and it enables bad behavior instead of solving problems and helping people. But in today’s environment, speaking about crime and how to prevent it can get someone canceled.

Police aren’t on the front lines, serving communities to preserve White supremacy. How is it justice to allow violent crimes such as homicides, rapes, and armed robberies to explode in communities around America?

Violent Crimes Don’t Start With Police

Perhaps there’s an equation not being considered in the debate. Where is the family structure? Where are moms, dads and other responsible adults who should be teaching kids about right and wrong? Who’s teaching them and holding them accountable for bad behavior before it escalates as they mature into teenagers and adults?

Police can’t do that, and neither can the government. Biden’s talk of restricting guns won’t stop shootings.

There are extraordinary success stories of minorities who became successful. Almost universally, there was a mom, dad, or other influential adults, at the center of the story who kicked and scratched to ensure their kids excelled to their full potential. Yes, there were far more obstacles for them. Perhaps the politicians should be thinking about how to reduce the barriers instead of creating new ones.

Politician’s Don’t Have the Answers to Cultural Problems

Politicians pass laws that deal with crimes and punishments. But, there’s a catch: Crimes are only dealt with after there is a crime. Therefore, the law isn’t capable of preventing crime. It’s only a deterrent that determines how to deal with a criminal after the fact.

After George Floyd died in May 2020 at the hands of a police officer, Democrats and Republicans agreed that the problem needed a solution. But, unfortunately, the “defund the police” movement ended bipartisan efforts to find meaningful solutions that the government could implement to help people.

Democrats will continue to claim that the answer to crime lies in ending policing and empowering social services to replace them. As they reduce public safety, anti-police sentiments continue to grow in the places police are needed most to protect the vulnerable. Without strong public safety measures, people will struggle to feel safe, causing a ripple effect throughout communities as people lose hope. Education, jobs, businesses and individuals will suffer. People will lose out on opportunities to start their own businesses. There are so many consequences.

Government can put incentives in place to help communities. However, communities must accept their responsibilities in reducing crime, and politicians need to stop dividing Americans against one another along racial lines. It takes everyone fulfilling their role.

Unfortunately, Democrats are in denial. They believe they have the solution to the problem when they don’t. The proof is in the growing crime levels in their communities.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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