Democrats File Lawsuit Against These Three With Claims of Cahoots

Democrats File Lawsuit Against These Three With Claims of Cahoots
Democrats File Lawsuit Against These Three With Claims of Cahoots

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against three entities: the Trump Campaign, notorious organization WikiLeaks, and Russia. The DNC alleges that top Trump officials conspired with Russian spy networks and WikiLeaks organization leaders to disrupt the election and push the public to vote for Trump.

Key Facts

• Tom Perez, lead chairman for the DNC, explained the controversial lawsuit in a public statement released shortly before the motion was filed. “During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” it clarified.
• Details of the lawsuit are bizarre, and in some cases, utterly ridiculous. It demands that all three entities admit to collusion and compensate the DNC for perceived “damages.” These alleged damages stem from the DNC’s claim that Russian hacking attempts crippled their ability to communicate with and collect donations from voters, harming their chances in the election. They also claim the hacking attempts fractured effective operation of the party and lead to death threats and verbal harassment from anti-DNC voters.
• Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been leading the Trump-Russia collusion investigation for months. While he has laid charges against people within the Trump administration, there has been no evidence thus far to support the idea that Trump colluded with any other nation.
• In fact, US House Republicans released a statement approximately a month ago after holding a panel to review the available evidence of collusion themselves. They concluded that there was absolutely no evidence that Trump conspired with Russia. They did, however, acknowledge Russian interference into the election.
• Perez and other DNC leaders disagree with the assertion that the case isn’t supported by hard evidence. They quote Russian hacking, Trump associate contacts with Russian leaders, and the Trump campaign’s perceived “approval” of the hacks amount to an “illegal conspiracy” against the US Government.
• The DNC lawsuit goes far beyond claiming the three parties are guilty; it claims the conspiracy’s main goal was to slander the Democratic party as a whole and cripple national confidence with falsehoods. Trump categorically denies these accusations, calling the Russia investigation “phony” and asserting via Twitter than there “NO COLLUSION (except by the Dems).”
• While there is very little precedent for such a case in history, Democrats have used lawsuits to pursue action in the past. The most famous of these cases is the Watergate scandal, where the DNC sued Richard Nixon’s reelection committee for $1 million in damages.
• The lawsuit doesn’t name Trump as a defendant, but it does claim his ties with Russia (including his marriage to Melania) “fostered” the conspiracy and allowed it to fester. They claim that relations between Trump and the former Soviet Union in the 1980s, including at least one trip where the Union paid for Trump to fly to Russia, prove that he has been colluding with the country for decades.
• As for WikiLeaks’ part in the lawsuit, the DNC believes they actively communicated with conspirators and provided them a sheltered location to store stolen information, such as the DNC’s emails. They also claim Trump’s administrators planned and timed data dumps on WikiLeaks to have the most impact on the election.