Democrats Instantly Twist Skyrocketing Gas Prices To Their Advantage

Democrats Instantly Twist Skyrocketing Gas Prices To Their Advantage

( – Gas prices were rising long before the Russian invasion into Ukraine. They’ve only gotten worse in the wake of the conflict, soaring above $4 nationally for the first time since 2008 and smashing that record. Democrats are now trying to take advantage of the energy crisis to push their Leftist agenda.

On Monday, March 7, a smiling Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg attended an “Accelerating Clean Transportation” event. The VP told the crowd to imagine a future where all of the vehicles used to make deliveries, drop off children and take people to work produced zero emissions. She went on to say everyone can make changes to help make it happen.

Buttigieg spoke to the crowd and told them that with gas prices rising, they could save money by purchasing electric vehicles.

The cost of cars has been increasing steadily as microchips remain in short supply, the cost of steel has gone up, inflation is on the rise and Americans are struggling to get by. Buying a new car, especially an expensive electric car, is out of reach for many families. Unlike Buttigieg and Harris, average citizens don’t get paid six figures by the government. No wonder people are accusing the administration of being tone-deaf.

What do you think about the administration pushing electric cars?

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