Democrats Last Chance to Destroy Trump

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

Democrats Last Chance to Destroy Trump

The public circus impeachment hearings start this week against President Trump, and this is the last chance the Democrats have to destroy President Trump before the 2020 election season goes into full swing in January.

As the facts start to come together, where is the real collusion and quid pro quo?

Could it be that the mainstream media is covering for and helping Democrats damage or remove Trump from office? That couldn’t possibly happen, right?

Democrats and the media have been looking for a way to get Trump since 2016, and nothing has stuck.

First, it was Russia and now it’s Ukraine.

The Department of Justice Criminal Division looked into allegations of wrongdoing on Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president and determined there was no crime.

To make it worse, Democrats want to stop using the word quid pro quo and replace it with “bribery” because they don’t believe Americans are smart enough to know what a quid pro quo is. Forget that there isn’t one in the transcript or in the official actions of the United States government.

Are the Impeachment Hearings a Setup?

Will the whistleblower who triggered the impeachment circus testify? At first, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) wanted him or her to testify. Suddenly, he didn’t. What happened to change his mind?

Then, there was evidence that Schiff and/or his staff colluded with the “whistleblower” before the complaint was filed. To make matters worse, Schiff lied about it and got caught. The Washington Post even gave Schiff “Four Pinocchios.”

If that isn’t enough, there’s a new book by “Anonymous” that claims the president simply has a very bad attitude and can be difficult to work with.

Much like the Kavanaugh hearings, this appears to be a contrived setup.

The fix is in and this a partisan witch hunt.

The whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, came as a recommendation from Shiff’s committee and has numerous Twitter postings announcing his support for a coup and the impeachment of the president.

In January 2017, Zaid tweeted:


What to Expect in the Impeachment Hearings

The Mueller investigation didn’t work to discredit the president, and now a contrived narrative has been cast behind closed doors instead. Diplomats and career bureaucrats who don’t have first-hand information on the Ukraine situation will offer their opinions on what happened but no solid facts.

Based on the way Democrats have run this witch hunt to date, they have no real information other than rumors and hearsay. They have the Ukraine call transcript, which they never expected Trump to give them. It says it all.

Furthermore, Senate Republicans have already made it clear that Trump will not be removed from office. Therefore, the only option Democrats have is to smear Trump and make it as hard as possible for him to win re-election.

Much like the Kavanaugh hearings, expect Dems to have anti-Trumpers from the deep state lined up ready to unload on him one at a time. The testimony will be salacious.

If the public begins to sense that Democrats are participating in a political power play to overturn the 2016 election it could prove to be their downfall for a generation or more.

This is the Democrats’ last chance to get rid of Trump and it’s obvious they want this too much — so much they are willing to ignore the facts to do it. If they blow this they deserve to lose in 2020 and well beyond.

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