Democrats Latest Effort to Sabotage Trump

Democrats Latest Effort to Sabotage Trump

( – Democrats have spent a great deal of time and money targeting former President Donald Trump. They’ve launched failed investigations, impeached him twice and attacked him in the media for years. Everything they’ve done has failed, but it seems they’ve found another way to target him.

In July, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board ruled Cook County owes Trump a $1-million refund for his 2011 tax bill. The refund is a result of a 5-0 vote in favor of reducing the assessment of Trump International Hotel & Tower’s commercial property. The city reduced the value of the property after the former president argued some of the store space in the building had no value because he couldn’t find renters. After a long battle, a county employee agreed he was owed money on the 2011 tax bill. That eventually led to the vote and refund.

Instead of just paying him the money he’s owed, however, county officials are fighting the ruling. The Cook County State’s Attorney filed a lawsuit with the Illinois Appellate Court to block the payment.

The case is now headed to court. It doesn’t seem as though the Democratically-run county has a leg to stand on. Nonetheless, the state’s attorney is wasting taxpayer money fighting to deny the former president the money he’s owed.

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