Democrats Learned Nothing from 2016

Democrats Learned Nothing from 2016

( – It’s not going well for Democrats right now. Everything they do or say seems to backfire on them.

The Democrats’ impeachment effort to remove President Trump failed in spectacular fashion. His poll numbers are the best they’ve been his entire presidency. The State of the Union speech sent shockwaves through the Democratic party. In addition, the economy is one of the strongest in 40 years.

What have the Democrats actually accomplished?

Other than heated rhetoric, failed investigations, and wasting everyone’s time on an impeachment sham… nothing.

In Iowa, the caucuses were a complete mess. Former Vice-President Joe Biden — the establishment candidate — is faltering. Meanwhile, the candidate the Trump campaign really wants — Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) — is now the front runner for the Democratic nomination.

What the Democrats have managed to accomplish is to divide their own party at their own peril.

How Did It Get So Bad for Democrats?

It’s not difficult to understand what went wrong for Democrats in 2016. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were deeply flawed and unpopular candidates. While Clinton was highly experienced as a former first lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State, she didn’t “wow” anyone.

But, that’s not the worst of it.

Her presentation and style were demeaning and scolding. It often felt like she was lecturing and demanding people give the imperial princess what she deserved. She was the establishment candidate, hand-chosen by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and no two-bit, small, white New England state, Democratic Socialist Senator was going to get the nomination.

The incompetence of the DNC establishment in the 2016 primary setup allegations that the DNC had rigged the nomination process from day one. They set the party up to fail in 2016.

The doors opened wide for Bernie Sanders to call for a political revolution against the establishment. Whether intentional or not, Sanders ultimately depressed the general election vote. Some of his voters chose to sit the election out. Worse yet, in some instances, Sanders’ supporters crossed over and voted for Trump because of their disdain for Clinton.

Since the 2016 election, Clinton has offered a myriad of reasons why she lost, including sexism, misogyny, self-hating women, fake news, voter suppression, Russia and a whole host of loony ideas. The fact is… she was a terrible candidate who was trying to navigate a party that was deeply broken.

Even then, she still came very near to winning.

The Democratic Party Hasn’t Healed

Not only has the Democratic party not healed, it’s continuing to splinter itself into a minority party.

Consider the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Trump has a 94% approval rating in the Republican party and no primary contestants to threaten him.

On the other hand, Democrats are highly fractured between moderates and the far left. The party is in a fight for its soul and its ability to win national elections not just now, but long-term.

Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg poll cumulatively at 46.6% in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. The moderates, Biden, Bloomberg, and Klobuchar, make up 38%.

The eight-point difference between the moderates and far-left is going to decide the general election in November. The side that loses may not support the Democratic candidate.

Democrats have a tough decision to make. They are either going to be a party that is moderate, liberal, or far-left. Some Democratic Socialists, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), have raised massive amounts of money and are not sharing it with the DNC. Instead, she’s using it to help far-left candidates defeat moderate Democrats. She’s on record as saying most Democrats are not progressive, and they should be booted from the party.

Right now, the far-left is winning. That presents serious problems for the Democratic establishment that’s more center-left and does not want Sanders in the White House.

In just the last few weeks, the DNC has stacked the convention committee with establishment Democrats. The coming convention may be a serious problem if Sanders wins the primary. The allegations are already out there by Sanders that the DNC is rigging it again, and he’s called for war against the DNC.

The Trump Factor

Trump sees exactly what’s going on in the Democratic party, and he’s leveraged it to his advantage. By going after Biden and his son Hunter on allegations of corruption in Ukraine, Trump put him on defense.

Biden has not handled it well and is losing badly for someone who, just a few weeks ago, was the presumptive nominee.

Not only has Trump managed to bury Biden, but he’s also managed to prop up Sanders at the same time.

Trump has managed to help the Democrats turn against one another and ruin a national party.

It appears the Democrats didn’t learn anything from 2016.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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