Democrats Lobby to Give Immigrants Free Healthcare

Democrats Lobby to Give Immigrants Free Health Care

( – On May 14, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) proposed expanding the state’s Medi-Cal system to cover illegal immigrants who are 60+ years old. The expansion would cost roughly $859 million — but Democrats want even more.

Some Democrats in the state want all of the illegal immigrants who meet the income eligibility requirements to receive free health insurance. State Sen. María Elena Durazo (D) has been pushing the governor to include all low-income migrants in the program for a while. The Golden State already covers illegals up to 26 years old. Durazo told the LA Times, “Our ultimate goal is everyone.” She said they’ll keep pushing to include more people under the state program.

It’s mind-blowing that the lawmakers in that state would be so focused on giving illegal immigrants freebies when they have thousands of Americans sleeping on their streets. Even Newsom’s $859 million is infuriating. Imagine how many citizens could be helped with that money. People who are struggling to survive the pandemic, others who are sleeping on the streets, and even veterans who need help. It seems like a no-brainer, right?

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