Democrats Move to Back Mueller Against Trump Allies

Democrats Move to Back Mueller Against Trump Allies
Democrats Move to Back Mueller Against Trump Allies

Several prominent Democratic leaders are moving to protect Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, from job loss. The news comes just days after the President’s supporters discovered evidence that a top FBI deputy sent clearly biased anti-Trump tweets. Trump’s supporters, including several major news outlets and the Conservative organization, Judicial Watch, are claiming that Mueller plans to subpoena Trump’s financial records from the overseas entity, Deutsche Bank. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what the Special Counsel expected to find, but bipartisan talks between both sides show clear support for a bill that would prevent Trump from interfering, even if the subpoena does move forward.

Key Facts

  • The aforementioned “anti-Trump tweets” came from previously removed Special Counsel member, Peter Strzok, who tweeted about the POTUS nearly a year ago. Mueller removed Strzok from the counsel shortly after the tweets were released.
  • Judicial Watch also released an email last week, revealing what they are calling further proof that the Special Counsel, and to a lesser degree, the FBI, has been compromised by bias. The email includes copies of an email sent by Andrew Weissman, who praised FBI Director Sally Yates and was “so proud” of her for refusing to support a previous iteration of the travel ban.
  • The Republican push against Mueller and his special counsel increased greatly after Michael Flynn pled guilty to Russian interference. The plea spurred on a flurry of tweets from the President himself and several other leaders.
  • Judicial Watch member, Tom Fitton, likened the email to the last straw. “How much more evidence do we need that the Mueller operation has been irredeemably compromised by anti-Trump partisans? Shut it down.”
  • Although Democratic leaders are actively seeking fast action and the inclusion of protective bills, Republican leaders appear to have a much more lackluster level of concern. Senator Thom Tillis stated that he didn’t see any “heightened kind of urgency” or “any great risk.” Despite the clear lack of support from Tillis, both sides report moderate success with bipartisan talks to finalize the bills.

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