Democrats Plan for Historic Impeachment

Democrats Plan for Historic Impeachment
Democrats Plan for Historic Impeachment

There’s a dirty plan afoot. With midterm elections just around the corner, Democrats are whispering among themselves about a potential plan to impeach our President. The rumors, which have been supported and substantiated by bipartisan support, suggest that the left firmly believes they’ll take the house in November.
But in the meantime, they’re already planning to oust the President. When they’re done, they just might follow up with Kavanaugh, too.
It’s really challenging to determine what’s conjecture and what’s true in this situation, but it becomes easier if we rely on what Democrats themselves have shared. And share, they certainly have – in interviews, TV appearances, articles, social media shares and even in casual conversation.

Key Facts

• First, there’s Trump himself – admittedly, not a Democrat, but he does have an opinion on his own fate. At an appearance in early October, his anger at being unjustly accused of, well, something to warrant impeachment was blindingly clear. “They’re saying, “We’ll impeach him!’” he exclaimed. “Impeach him for what? For what?”
• And then, there’s the fact that nearly 200 different congressional candidates are currently in the process of suing President Trump. They claim the President violated the Constitution under the “emoluments clause” – a guideline that prevents gifts that could be used to bribe an official.
• Although a judge did approve the lawsuit against Trump, it isn’t necessarily proof of his guilt. In fact, to many, it appears as if Democratic use of the emolument clause is completely misplaced.
• The emoluments clause was created to prevent people from being able to “pay off” officials in the form of gifts – from domestic or foreign parties. But Democrats have twisted it to try and suggest that everytime Trump International Hotel rents out a space to Saudi nationals, they are effectively bribing him with the money they spend.
• U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Democrat himself, approved the lawsuit, saying that Democrats had “sufficient evidence” to prove lawmakers experienced harm. Senator Richard Blumenthal also confirmed it with the press shortly afterward, saying it was “a bombshell victory enabling us to move forward to hold the president accountable for violating the chief corruption prohibition in the United States’ Constitution.”
• If it seems like we’re getting a bit off track, hang in there. This impeachment issue is multilayered, and it does a really good job of demonstrating just how wiley Democrats can be when they want to harm their enemies. The point of discussing the lawsuit is the fact that many Republicans believe it is the first step toward eventual impeachment.
• The trouble lies in what might happen if Trump was found guilty, no matter how guilty. If a court found that Trump violated the Constitution, it would make the left’s job of pushing for impeachment much easier. It would also make for an effective offense in the courts.
• Others have suggested that the lawsuit’s true purpose isn’t in upholding the Constitution, or even impeachment. Instead, it’s a targeted attempt to force Trump to hand over his business records – records that Democrats swear contain some mystifying information that will suddenly reveal the President to be a mobster.
• You aren’t alone if you think this sounds like a bit of an incredible stretch, especially with regard to the lawsuit itself. There are very few instances in American history where a President’s business has been so heavily scrutinized, despite little proof of transgression.
• In addition to the, oh, you know, 200-odd Democrats trying to cobble together a ramshackle, weak plan to get Trump in trouble, others have also chimed in. Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly all stand to gain from his impeachment.
• President Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, surprisingly spoke up in defense of the President in an interview with CBS Morning. “I hope they don’t,” he said. “I think we should focus on all the terrible things that are happening now in terms of interest of the middle class people and working class people.”
• Rep. Maxine Waters also threatened to “impeach 45” last June at a Families Belong Together rally. “How dare you take the children and send them all across the country,” she said. “You are putting them in cages, and you think we’re going to stand there and let you do that? I don’t think so!” This, in reference to the recent attention given to the treatment of illegal immigrants and their families. Naturally, there is no mention of the fact that President Trump did not create this process.
• Other leaders who have either stated or taken action to try and have Trump impeached include Al Green, who introduced not one, but two resolutions to impeach (they didn’t succeed). Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer is also alleged to be developing a fund and national advertising campaign toward impeachment right now. Rep. Andrew Gillum, of Florida, called for the President’s impeachment over a year ago, while Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said Democrats “ought to look into it” more recently.
• Others, like Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, seem to be erring on the side of common sense. In fact, Pelosi is one of the only Democrats to also deny the other possible impeachment we mentioned – Kavanaugh. In an early October appearance, she indicated that it was “not her plan.” But she quickly followed it up by saying that she has “enough people on [her] back to impeach the president” right now, which may mean she’s avoiding Kavanaugh to focus on Trump.
• No matter how you slice it, one thing is for sure: there isn’t yet enough proof to impeach the President for anything. It seems only logical to assume that if there was, the left would have moved on it some time ago. Still, a significant shift in the house after midterm elections may give Democrats more power to be snakey and sneaky – meaning we all need to exercise our right to vote and show our support in November.