Democrats Repeat Popular Claim to Manipulate America

Democrats Repeat

( – If you listen to the chorus of ongoing chatter coming from Democrats, it might lead you to believe that their policies are “popular.” It’s an often-repeated claim broadcasted ad nauseam without proof or support. When politicians repeat something over-and-over, they might be reinforcing a viewpoint, or they could be perpetrating a not-so-subtle form of manipulation.

Over the last decade, narratives replaced facts as a new form of public persuasion. The rhetoric is devolving into an all-out panic by the left as they struggle to gain support for their policy objectives. They want us to believe that their outer space policies are what America craves, and the only thing standing in the way are those pesky Republicans. To counter the GOP opposition, it appears the Democrat’s strategy isn’t always to demonize Conservatives. It’s evolving into psychological warfare.

Repetition Is the New Weapon of Choice

The psychology of repetition is powerful. If you say something long enough, it must be true, right? More and more, the word “popular” is the projectile aimed at Conservatives by Democrats. Here’s what they are hoping to accomplish. Democrats know they aren’t going to change the minds of ten Republicans in the Senate. However, they might change voters’ minds and influence the seated politicians or could replace them come election time.

Politics is the art of the possible. However, when something isn’t possible, some may feel the need to manipulate an impossibility into a possibility. If a word or phrase is repeated long enough, even without evidence, that something is “popular,” over time, people will begin to hear it, repeat it and believe it. Once voters or politicians embrace a concept, the opportunity to build political consensus around it to move legislation forward becomes more feasible. It’s a shrewd form of manipulation that Democrats are onto in their communications.

The word “popular” is being used manipulatively by Democrats to suggest the public supports:

  • The social justice Equity executive order empowers the government to decide winners and losers based on race.
  • The Equality Act is laced with anti-religious laws and makes it possible for transgender males to compete with females in sports (and be in the locker room).
  • HR 1’s transformative voting law is a Democrat scheme to make them a permanent majority by eroding voter integrity laws.
  • For several reasons, making Washington, DC, the 51st state is a flawed idea that benefits Democrats.
  • Based on Supreme Court precedent, new gun regulations and laws that make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase a gun and ammunition are likely to violate the Constitution.
  • Immigration policies are creating a major crisis that the Biden administration refers to as a “challenge.”

There’s more where that came from, and Democrats aren’t done yet. They need to sell their $3 trillion Green New Deal infrastructure proposal that some say is more about social programs than building bridges, roads, and airports.

Studies show that repeating a key point can sway people’s decisions and change minds. However, even if something is “popular,” it doesn’t mean the policy is sound, and the polling popularity of a policy depends on the public’s knowledge of what’s in the legislation or not. Many times, proposals or laws become less popular over time as the public learns what’s really in them after being manipulated by Democrats and much of the media who support the leftist policies.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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