Democrats Reversed Course From Trump and Destroyed Everything

Democrats Reversed Course From Trump and Destroyed Everything

( – For four years, Democrats did everything they could to rid themselves of President Donald Trump. They created misinformation and spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars on the phony Russian collusion narrative, impeached the former president over a phone call, and tried to blame the January 6 riot on him. The larger picture doesn’t do justice to the Democrats’ attempts at political malfeasance.

As the country approaches the first full year of Biden and the Democrat-controlled legislative and executive branches, it’s nearly impossible to find anything good they’ve done in 2021. Democrats in statehouses or running big cities across America don’t fare much better. Everything they touch has led to chaos, division, and utter destruction. They managed to take everything good Trump accomplished and turn it into a pile of ashes.

Is it any wonder the polling is so bad for President Biden?


From the day Trump announced his intent to run for president in 2015, immigration was a core issue for the former president. He locked down the border, instituted a ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy that worked, and started building the wall. On day one, Biden reversed course and dumped Trump’s immigration policies, ultimately incentivizing more illegal immigration.

What ensued was complete chaos on the southern border. The Biden administration granted over 1.4 million illegal immigrants entry into the US. Some illegal immigrants sued the US government with assistance from the ACLU over family separation policies administered under Trump’s presidency but started under the Obama/Biden administration. Now, the Biden administration is allegedly considering upwards of a million-dollar settlement to illegal immigrants, totaling $1 billion, instead of going to court and defending America.

The Economy and Inflation

In the wake of the pandemic, the economy is limping along as Biden threatens unvaccinated workers in private and public sectors. If they don’t vaccinate, they could lose their jobs. The folly is, it’s backfiring. From federal government employees and contractors to police, fire, and EMTs, millions of public service employees who refuse to vaccinate can expect to lose their jobs. Health workers, including doctors, nurses, and vital hospital employees, are also at risk.

Under President Trump, the economy was growing, wages were rising, and good jobs were plentiful. Under Biden and the Democrats, America is going in the opposite direction. Prices are skyrocketing, grocery and retail shelves are empty, and Democratic spending threatens to worsen inflation.


Under Trump, the US became an exporter of oil and natural gas for the first time since 1943. On day one, Biden reversed course, declared war on America’s energy companies, and put us back into dependence on foreign oil. As gasoline prices rose quickly, Biden turned to OPEC instead of American companies to increase oil production.


In 2020, Democrats in major US cities defunded the police. As law enforcement numbers dropped, murders spiked 30% in 2020. In addition, shoplifting, car-jackings, and other violent crimes increased as well. As vaccination mandates force police from their jobs, the problems are likely to get much worse.


Across the country, Critical Race Theory is taking over the educational system. In some instances, schools fully support teaching CRT. In other cases, it’s taught without a curriculum through the power of persuasion and influence on America’s youth.

There’s more, lots more. The Department of Justice announced it would use the FBI to enforce the Patriot Act against parents concerned about their children’s education. Those who stand up to school boards were labeled domestic terrorists by the National School Boards Association for challenging their locally elected officials.

These aren’t the only issues facing America. Transgender policies under the guise of “equity” are hurting women’s sports. The House Select Committee studying the January 6 riots is a sham helping Democrats label Republicans as insurrectionists.

Democrats don’t intend for their agenda to create equality. Instead, they create division in hopes of creating political advantage.

How are things in America getting better under Democrats?

On Tuesday, November 2, important elections for school boards, city councils, county commissioners, and other local races will give voters a chance to speak their minds.

The craziness ends when voters say it ends.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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