Democrats Seem Unlikely to Take Action Against Dianne Feinstein

Democrats Seem Unlikely to Take Action Against Dianne Feinstein

( – Many Americans believed the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett were going to be a disaster. Liberals were incredibly angry about the Senate Judiciary’s Committee’s decision to hold the meetings before the election. Surprisingly, nothing went terribly wrong. That led to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) thanking and hugging Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Democrats lost their minds over that, but it seems like they aren’t doing anything about it.

It was the hug heard ‘round the world. Feinstein’s decision led to immediate calls for her removal.

Democrats have not responded to the demands. On October 20, The Hill reported a Democratic aide said they would be “really surprised” if there was a “real effort to push her out.” Further, the support required to remove her is not there.

There is a “cancel culture” on the Left. Feinstein just got a big dose of that. The people in her party don’t want her to do the right thing, they want her to act like a partisan. She didn’t do that and even though she won’t be removed, it’ll potentially follow her for the rest of her career.

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