Democrats Set to Go All Out in Supreme Court Packing Legislation

Democrats Set to Go All Out in Supreme Court Packing Legislation

( – Does it ever end? Since January 20, it’s been one constant thing after another. Just when you think the Democrats can’t go any further left, they do. What choice do they have?

By the summer of 2022, they need to wrap up their agenda ahead of the midterm elections and hope the country forgets about their plan to radically transform America. Unfortunately for them, they’re already in the open for all to see. In an incredibly short period of time, the Democrats became the party of election devastation, open borders, defunding the police, free healthcare (for illegal immigrants as well), free college, student debt elimination, monthly government subsidies, and an out of control spending spree that jeopardizes tomorrow’s America. Now, you can add “court-packing” to the list.

Democrats Go All Out

On April 9, President Biden signed an “Executive Order on the Establishment of the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States.” Normally, commissions are where ideas go to die. Democrats know exactly what he’s doing. Remember, it was Joe Biden in 1993 who said court-packing is a “bonehead idea.” It’s not unrealistic to believe that Biden disagrees with court-packing but must provide his left-wing with something to keep them content for the moment.

Some Democrats will not wait a year or more for a commission to come back and tell them what they already know is likely to be said. Instead, they are going all out and bringing the circus with them. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) are pressing ahead with legislation to expand the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices in an extraordinary move.

It’s Purely Political

The move to pack the courts is bizarre and purely political. There is no reason other than politics to make such a radical move. By adding four seats, Democrats hope to install four more of their own justices to the court to outnumber Republican appointees. Politically, it’s hazardous. Practically, it’s extraordinarily petty.

What Democrats are really saying is, “we’ll pack the courts if I get the votes.” That’s where the bad news ends, and the good news begins. It isn’t going to happen. The Senate must agree with a 60 vote threshold. There’s no way that ten Senate Republicans are going to agree to pack the court.

So, why would Democrats jeopardize future elections over something that won’t happen?

What’s the Political Calculation?

Democrats may want to rile up their progressive base to push through the controversial HR 1 that won’t pass in the Senate, as well as Biden’s upcoming $2.3 infrastructure passage they are likely to ram through using reconciliation once again. In a YouGov poll last fall, 60% of Democratic voters wanted their party to pack the court — and of those, 30% want a balanced court. However, the whole idea tanked with independents (32%) and Republicans (5%) who were for it.

What the Democrats are risking is eroding trust in the Supreme Court by making it a partisan political entity. The founders purposely insulated the court from the politics of the day. America should be leery of a political party that intentionally wants to change the court’s makeup overnight because it doesn’t like its rulings.

The reality is that court-packing is dead on arrival in the Senate. Democrats are exposing their political vulnerabilities, and moderates in the party may try to protect themselves instead of defending the party.

This is going to get interesting to watch.

Enjoy the show!

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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